Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Working With A Surrogate

When working with a Sensual Coach, they focus on eye contact, hugging, cuddling, massage and touch therapy, exploring their body and yours.  With this intimacy work, you can gain insights to your own pleasure and increase the brain's pleasure chemical - dopamine.  Its very good for your mood and overall wellbeing. Throughout your sessions, Coaches hope to ease anxiety and help you gain confidence with your body and your sexuality. 

The biggest obstacle is our brains.  We often hold back due to those negative thoughts that we've carried with us about body image and what's "normal."  And yet its our brain that receives the greatest benefit from intimacy and touch. Go figure.

If you know of someone with a physical disability who would like to experience intimacy, please give us a call.  No obligation.

Give us a cuddle!

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